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Welcome to our lobby, the elegance of surprise


We come alive as the sun sets

Our lobby is always a surprise. Join us for a cocktail in our stunning lobby at the Violet Hour.

During this hour when the day fades and the night appears, we celebrate the past and move into the evening. The Violet Hour is the perfect time for a cocktail. Let the last sparks of the sun brighten your evening.

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A bar like no other

Our bar is an experience. Vesper's seasoned bartenders serve some of the best cocktails around and the view is a sight to behold. The bar stands in front of a specially designed, 10-meter high wall of steel and brass that's decorated with vintage art and is situated under beautiful stained glass.

Share a moment with friends sipping cocktails in the lobby while looking out at the beautiful Noordwijk sunset.

Bites for the educated tongue

Accompanying our extensive list of drinks are some of the finest foods around.

All of our ingredients are personally selected by the hotel chef and crafted into a culinary pleasure. Indulge in a wide variety of tastes and enjoy the comforts of our lobby.

Treasures from the vineyard

At Vesper Hotel, we know a thing or two about wine. In fact, we know quite a lot. We love wine, which is why we've tucked the precious treasures of a wine connoisseur safely away in our wine cellar.

But we love to share, so come on down to the lobby, chat to one of our experienced staff members, and we will help you select the right bottle for your refined tastes.

Our lobby completely changes at sunrise. It's a fresh start to a beautiful day.

Have a look for yourself